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The ITS Calibration Laboratory

The ITS calibration laboratory is accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute, o.p.s. It has offered its services since 2007 and operates in Central and Eastern Europe. Inclusion of accreditation approval under international agreements on recognizing accreditation (EA MLA and ILAC MRA) allows publication of calibration certificate without regard to workshop location.

We use our calibration experience with tools of different brands. The important thing is to comply with the scope of calibration specified in the appendix to the accreditation certificate.

Calibrations performed externally in the customer's premises (on customer site) are provided in the Czech Republic and other EU countries. Legislative differences are fully respected.

Calibration of manual torque devices, torque sensors and gauges in the range of 0.05 to 2000 Nm and angle of rotation (n * 360, •uncertainty U - 0,55°) for the same scope of devices.